What is Thermography

Thermography is a radiation-free screening procedure used to capture heat images of the body to aid in the early detection of cancer and other health concerns. Thermography is approved by the FDA as an adjunctive screening for breast cancer.

How thermography detects potential problems

As a tumor grows, it develops new blood vessels to form a blood supply and emits excess heat, a process known as angioneogenesis.  This heat can be detected by infrared imaging technology; sophisticated software that creates a “heat map” of the body based on temperatures captured by sensitive thermal cameras.  The images created are called thermograms.  Because the healthy body tends to have a high degree of symmetry (balance), even subtle temperature asymmetries (imbalances) are easily detected, and can identify inflammation and pathologies. Inflammation in the body, indicated by “hot spots” on a thermogram indicate possible areas of concern, such as cancer or fibrocystic disease.  This makes thermography an excellent tool for initial detection of possible issues in the body. 

Because thermography can detect heat changes in the body early on, proper diagnosis and treatment can be sought in a time frame that is more likely to result in a good outcome. Thermography is also an important adjunctive screening to other diagnostic imaging techniques, providing more information to help diagnose what is happening inside the body.

An example of a thermogram

This image clearly shows excess heat surrounding the nipple area, which indicates increased growth of blood vessels and a possible underlying tumor.  Notice that the concentration of heat is only present in one breast.  Thermography allows these types of imbalances to be visible so tumors can be detected, sometimes up to 10 years before anything would show up on a mammogram.  The sooner you know there is an issue, the sooner you can take the appropriate action.  This is the advantage of thermography.

Why thermography is trusted

Thermography plays a crucial role in serving to identify areas of concern in the body. Awareness leads to the path of properly addressing the concern and becoming an active participant in the health of one’s own body, resulting in better long-term health outcomes. Our goal is to help as many people as possible be informed of this non-invasive and effective adjunctive screening technique for cancer and other health conditions.

Breast thermography has been around since 1956 and has rapidly become popular throughout the world. It was FDA-cleared as an adjunctive screen procedure for breast cancer in 1982.

Recent advancements in digital infrared technology have allowed for even more accurate exams. A 2008 study published in the American Journal of Surgery, performed at New York Presbyterian Hospital at Cornell showed that thermography had a 97% sensitivity in detecting cancers which were then confirmed through biopsy. The study concluded that Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) is a valuable adjunctive screening, especially in women with dense breast tissue.


of early-stage cancers will be detected


increased survival rate was realized

According to the Index Medicus, a comprehensive index of medical scientific journal articles, more than 800 peer-reviewed breast thermography studies are presented, in which over 250,000 women participated. Many of these studies involve very large groups of patients (from 37,00 to over 100,000) and some followed patients for as much as 12 years. Among other conclusions, these studies found that when thermography has been added to a women’s regular breast health checkups, a 61% increase survival rate was realized and when used as a part of a multimodal approach (clinical examination, mammography and thermography) 95% of early-stage cancers will be detected.

As a Professional Member of Breast Thermography International
our equipment is cleared via pre-market notification : (510(k)) K971956
For use for the adjunctive diagnosis of abnormalities of the: Female Breast, Peripheral vascular disease, Musculoskeletal disorders, Extracranial cerebral and facial vascular disease, Abnormalities of the thyroid gland, And various neoplasitc and inflammatory conditions.

Thermography: A Powerful Tool

It is well known that early detection is the best defense against breast cancer and that if treated in its earliest stages, a 95% cure rate is achieved.

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