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7320-iciAt Body and Breast Thermal Imaging, we provide a safe, caring and comfortable environment for women and men of all ages. Patient care and customer service are extremely important to us, as is utilizing the highest standard of equipment and technology to maintain superior accuracy in every scan we do. We use an ultra-sensitive, high-resolution ICI infrared thermal imaging camera, a winner of NASA’s Tech Briefs Product of the Month. Our camera is noted to offer unmatched sensitivity and accuracy in a 320 x 240 radiometric imager. We calibrate our camera and update our software yearly to ensure the precision of each scan.

The exam room is kept at a temperature of between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit, and is cooled by a dedicated air conditioning unit and constantly monitored by digital thermometer. We provide a serene, private setting not unlike a spa treatment room to help our patients feel comfortable and reassured. Our female technicians, Stacy and Katie, are warm and welcoming, while delivering the highest degree of professionalism and efficiency.

Body and Breast Thermal Imaging is accredited by Breast Thermography International (BTI), whose mission is to bring the highest level of scientific standards to thermography. All members of this association are trained according to industry-leading standards and participate in on-going education to stay current. BTI standards of education are regulated by the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology (PACT), a non-profit organization.

When a scan is performed, the thermal data is sent to our BTI doctors and reviewed by 3 levels of interpreters, ensuring the highest level of accuracy. The supervising doctor, Dr. Alexander Sepper, is an MD who has practiced for over 30 years as a gynecologist and has performed hundreds of thousands of thermal studies for women with ovarian and breast cancer. Dr. Sepper holds a PhD in Radiology, Thermology and Oncology. All interpreters are certified by the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology (PACT).

Our technician is available to discuss the findings in each patient’s report, and provide referrals to the proper local resources, depending on specific needs. In addition, referring doctors and patients can also speak directly with doctors at BTI should they need a deeper explanation of any of the findings in their report. Many people come to us without a referral, either because they do not have a doctor, or because their doctor is either unaware or misinformed about thermography. Due to this, we have many patients who request referrals to doctors with specific expertise in their areas of concern. We maintain a resource directory of local practitioners that we can refer patients to based on their specific needs.

Meet Our Team.

Dr. Kevin Ross

Dr. Kevin Ross

Certified Thermal Technician

Dr. Ross is a Family Chiropractor and is the owner of Body and Breast Thermal Imaging. His mission has always been to empower men and women to be pro-active regarding their health and felt compelled to add thermal imaging to his current practice.

Stacy Huston

Stacy Huston

Certified Thermal Technician

Stacy has been a Certified Thermographic Technician since 2011. She performs the thermal scans and is available to discuss the findings in each patient’s report, and provide referrals to local resources.

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