Patient Reviews

Recent thermography

“I had my full body scan done by Body and Breast Thermal Imaging, LLC. I did not know quite what to expect at this appointment. I was pleasantly surprised at the professionalism with which my appointment was handled. I was made to feel at ease and the whole process was pretty quick. I like knowing that I will be able to “see” what is going on in my body!”
– Janet

Thermal Imaging

“My experience at B & B Thermal Imaging was great. Very fast and professional. It is a comfortable atmosphere and easy to receive the result
– Kim H.

So simple!

“This procedure was non-invasive and so easy. No pain at all. Quick and simple with complete respect to the patient. I have done this before and highly recommend this to anyone. Once you do it, you wish you had done it earlier.”
– B.B.

Breast thermal imaging

“This was a very simple procedure and so much better than a mammogram. The only minor discomfort was cooling the body to room temperature. I highly recommend it. I am awaiting the results.”
– Sandra N.

Good experience

“This was a simple experience. Started by removing clothes (except boxers) and allowing my body to get to room temperature. Standing still or sitting in different positions to take pictures with a camera. In and out in less than 30 minutes for a full body scan. Looking forward to receiving the results via email in 5-7 business days. Thanks!”
– Ethan C.

Great experience!

“Although there is some preparation beforehand, the whole experience couldn’t be easier or quicker and absolutely pain free!! The technician was pleasant and professional. All women should get thermograms regularly as there is nothing invasive about it, as opposed to a mammogram, and it gives a more complete picture of what’s happening beneath the skin. This is a very enjoyable experience of a scientific procedure for maintaining your health!”
– Ginger S.

Grateful for Thermography!

“I’m so thankful to have found out about Body and Breast Thermal Imaging. I’ve had trouble with Mammography for years. My breast tissue is very dense, so they always need me to come back for further testing, which proves to be expensive and time consuming. I’ve endured multiple painful mammograms, ultra sounds, and unnecessary surgery. Finally I was told about thermography. What a difference! Pain free, inexpensive, quick and easy. I’m so grateful for this alternative way to monitor my health! “
– Christine R.

Thermo is the way to go

“Due to dense breast tissue I have had horrible experiences with getting mammograms. Talk about pain & huge discomfort; I thought Middle Age torture methods had been revived!! My thermoscan was completed in probably less than 15-20 minutes, totally pain free. I will never go back to being tortured again with a mammogram, I’m hooked on thermoscan technology.”
– J.Z.

Breast Thermal Imaging

“I used to go and get mammograms and they would take many pictures and would still not be sure because of my dense breast. I thought this may cause more harm than good. I like the breast imaging because it is able to detect cancer in the early stages, even with dense breast [tissue] and is a radiation free test.”
– Shelley B.

Breast Scan

“Very professional experience!! Tech made me feel relaxed. Space was very clean and organized ! Hoping to get good news on my scan of no new reoccurrence of problem in my breast!!!”
– Christine R.

It was worth it!

“I was very nervous and uptight about having the thermal imaging done but the woman that assisted me was amazing. She helped me to calm down and it was a breeze. I’m so glad I did it and can’t wait for the results. It will put my mind at ease.”
– C.C.

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